Darrel Higham  HELL’S HOTEL

(Featuring Imelda May ,Jools Holland and Robert Plant) (Mastering)  UK

LIVE AT THE SPOTTED DOG(Various Artist) (Mastering)UK

STONEY LANE RECORDS “Collection”(Mastering) UK

T.G. CollectiveRelease The Penguins” (Recording and Mixing) UK

Worry Dolls ” Tidal Wave ” Single Recorded by Graham Dominy , Mix & Master By Alejandro Merola

Young Pilgrims “Little Things”(Mastering) UK

Luby Sparks “Luby Sparks LP”2017 (Mastering) Japan

Luby Sparks“Hateful Summer” Single (Mastering) Japan

Luby Sparks”Thursday” Single( Mastering) Japan

Heavy Hearted  (Master)

Alex Woods “Highline ”   ( Mastering)

Sara Colman ” What We’re Made Of “(Mastering)

Punt Gungs (Mastering) UK

Nicky Haslam “Live at the Pheasantry”

Julia Fordham (Live Recording)  UK

Mike Fletcher” Live London Jazz Festival 2016″”Jazz & Everyday Aesthetics “(Recording Mixing & Mastering) Uk

Haftor Medboe “Live at Edinburg 2017  “Jazz & Everyday Aesthetics “(Recording Mixing & Mastering) Scotland

Sanne Huijbregts”Live at Amsterdam 2017″‘Jazz & Everyday Aesthetics”(Recording Mixing & Mastering)  Holland

Trish Clowes    “Live in Cheltenham Jazz Festival ” “Jazz & Everyday Aesthetics”(Recording Mixing & Mastering

Natacha Atlas (Ana Hina) (Recording and Editing) UK

Years & Years (Vevo Channel Mixing and Mastering

LA California ,Manchester,and Ibiza Concerts 2015)  UK

Ben Lee Quintet “In the Tree“(Mastering) UK

The Blue Bloke 3 ( with Lou Edmund The Dammned/The Mikons/P.I.L. )( Recording with Jamie Orchard -Lisle ) UK

Percy Pursglove  (Far Reaching Dreams of Mortal Souls)(  Recording, Mixing & Mastering  ) UK

John Crawford (The Tides , Mixing & Mastering) UK

Yuck (Mastering) UK

THUD (Mastering) UK

Annoy The Boy (Mastering) UK

Simon Patherson (Spoon Fazer)( Recovering Open Reel Tapes  Mastering ) UK

Luis  Mather (Quintet / “The Trees” )( “Nonet” ) Set 2014 Jazz   Mastering  UK

National Snack  Apply Machine and …….(Recording Mixing and Mastering)UK

Max and Laura Braun “The  Dorset Songs( “ Recording and Mastering”) DE

Gary Williams/With John Wilson Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios

(Assisting the Engineer Mike Dutton(The Cure,………. ) UK

Los Extraños de la calle Balmes( Recording & Mastering )Spain& UK

Kin Molina( Recording  Mixing & Mastering)UK

Mark Pringle  “A Moveable Fest” (Mastering)UK

La Parra  (Recording Mixing & Mastering) UK

Harold Sanditen(Recording) UK-US

Boys (Mastering)UK

Electrojazz Integration Meditation )(Master) UK

Arshid Azarine(Iranian BBC) UK

Tattan Orchestra” Recording Mixing & Mastering“Tanteando Winner of the Graffiti Prize 2014 URUGUAY  ” UY ,UK   www.tatango.bandcamp.com

Maldoror “Pajaro Negro” 2016  Mastering  UY ,UK

Hotel Paradise 2016 (Mastering)(Rastrillo Records) UY

Penthouse “La Belleza Siempre Pierde” 2016(Master) UY

Remolo (Mix & Master) UK

Mavis ( Master)UK

Cygnus Flare  (Recording & Mastering)UK

Yah Yah Roca Billy( Mastering)UK

Talifeather  (Master )UK

Buitres después de la una “La Bruja” Mixing UY

Buitres después de la una”Maraviya ” Recording & Mixing (3 Times Platiniun Record )

Recording and No Mastering  😉  UY

Trosky Vengaran “Clase B” Recording & Mixing UY

Trosky Vengaran “Salud ,Dinero y Dinero “) Recording & Mixing UY

Extranas Visiones “Las Canciones de Los Estómagos” Recording & Mixing  UY

Jorge Drexler( Studio  Session Recording, Assisting Engineer” Walter Linas” ) UY

Hugo Di Yorio   “De los Origenes del Tango (hasta 1920)  Recording & Mixing UY

Hugo Fattoruso  UY

Buenos Muchachos (“Nunca Fui Yo” Recording & Mixing )UY

Los Chicos Elecricos “Vaca”  (Recording & Mixing )UY

Chicos Electricos  “Phsicosound” (Recording & Mixing) UY

Jaime Ross (‘Gold Record”)“La Margarita( “ Recording Assisting”) UY

Estela Magnone “ Vals Prismatico   (“ Recording Assisting”)UY

“Naturaleza Viva” Tv Series about Nature (“Recording & Mixing” )UY

La Hermana Menor (Recording & Mixing )UY

the Supersonicos “Mundo Pistola” (Recording & Mixing) UY

La Celda ‘Frutos Amargos”(Recording&Mixing)UY

El Conde de Saint German(Recording&Mixing)UY

Las Criaturas del Pantano Rock  Compilation (Recording&Mixing )UY